Chapter 5 – Delia Fisher.


I never had anything in common with Delia Fisher. Other than the fact that she was my husband’s first real girlfriend I thought she would play no part in my life. But, eventually, I was forced to observe her.

Delia and I went to business school together. Still, we never really talked. And, even when we did, it felt very unnatural… like, there was always that obvious elephant in the room.

Everyone around me seems to like her. She’s constantly popping up on Sharon’s extremely popular instagram. She’s apparently good to everyone but, to me she’s a constant reminder that there might be someone out there who could have been better fit for Brian and I just stopped it from happening. It’s like I’m supposed to be punished for having asked him to break up with her to be with me. And now there’s this… karma… because what she feels for him is actual true love.

delia and sharon
I know they have been in touch. Delia and Brian that is. I saw their facebook pages. I think I was supposed to be jealous but part of me wishes he’d cheat on me with her just so I could feel free again. Just so I could reach out for Jordan Catalano again. Just to feel like I have no control over my body or my actions again. Just to feel alive.

She is the anti-me. And it’s hard to hate her for that. Because at this point I think she might be right.


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