Hi, I am Angela Chase.

No, I’m not.

I’ve created this blog for my own personal amusement because, truth be told, my work is tremendously boring.

I have been known – in my household – for being very dramatic and completely self-centered. So, I figured this was a great opportunity to put some plaid flannel on and channel Angela Chase, from “My so-called life”! If you don’t know who that is,  you are probably a child and you need to google it. I’m not explaining Angela to you. I don’t even believe she CAN be explained.

I wanted to write about where the characters would be these days. My original idea was to keep this blog in character at all times. I still might actually do that. 

Just like you, I am curious about what would have happened.

I wanna say a ridiculously gigantic “thank you” to Wilson Cruz for bringing Ricky to life so beautifully… and for always interacting with me, and making me feel like someone worthy of attention .  I love you! ❤ 

If I’m lucky, I will not turn into one of those people who lose sense of reality and forget their own identity because they get lost in some sort of fantasy of theirs.

I might die my hair red, though.

You might wanna track me down on instagram and twitter as @theangelachase.