According to Winnie Holzman, creator of My so-called life, these would be the main events of Season 2.

My so-called life was cancelled after one season in 1995.

In this fan-fiction,  set in the year 2020,  we visit 40 year old Angela-Chase . I considered everything the original writer had planned for season 2 (that we know of).

Listen to the writer talk about season 2 here: Interview with Winnie Holzman from My so-called podcast.

Events that would have happened in season 2:


Someone would get pregnant, most likely, Sharon Cherski.


Patty would fall into a depression due to her failed marriage, forcing Angela to step up and take her of her mom, which would force the character to mature.

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Rayanne and Sharon’s friendship would develop. They would have grown closer as the show went on.


Ricky’s living situation with Mr. Katimsky would be disapproved by some of the parents, including Sharon’s mom, Camille, who would protest and demand for Mr. Katimsky to be fired. This event would force Patty out of her depression to stand up for Ricky and Mr. Katimsky.


Jordan Catalano and Angela Chase would be an item in season 2.

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Brian Krakow and Delia Fisher would also be an item in season 2, according to the writer.

Brian and Angela would keep coming back to each other to talk about the problems in their relationships  with Jordan and Delia. They would be each other’s comfort, up until they realized they were actually in love with each other.



Interview with Winnie Holzman from My so-called podcast.